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StimulusBrand Communications is a big-picture brand development, creative marketing, and advertising agency with the smarts, experience, talent, and moxy to elevate your brand to prominence. Our history is peppered with large corporate brand makeovers as well as brand launches for start-up companies.

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What is the StimulusBrand difference?

Experience across a broad spectrum of media and industries. We’ve been excelling at this for more than 40 years. We are a boutique brand design and advertising agency. Yes, a brand design firm combined with media advertising strength! Which means we see your work in a broad context beyond any single design element—helping build consistency in all of your communications. We’re deploying new tools, delivering fresh thinking and impactful creative every day. We get it. We get to it. No layers of process to wait on. Plus, you get senior leadership on your business from day 1.

Founded by Tom McManimon in 2002, StimulusBrand is accomplished and award-winning at the highest level in discovery, strategy, corporate identity and design, advertising, web design, display, digital media, and much more. The work is targeted, relevant, creative, tasteful, and responsive.

Our goal is to project an exciting, appropriate, and “true” brand message throughout all your communication channels while building a consistent familiarity in your customer’s mind. We seek to understand key strengths and attributes that set you apart and know what appeals to your customers. Then, we put our talents to work to create your unique brand.

Excite, inform, and stimulate customers to choose your brand.

Brand Leadership

Tom McManimon, President

Tom McManimon, President

Brand Specialist, Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Producer, Author

"Brand favor is all about getting the right people to see you, know you, select you, remember you, spread the word, and, of course, come back for more."

As a leader, Tom always has his eye on the big picture. He is an artist, writer, musician, and a creative thinker 24/7. A creative perfectionist, Tom repeatedly noodles, nudges, tucks, and tweaks the details. Every assignment begins with Tom's vision in thumbnail sketches, which truly are the size of his thumbnail. He sees what no one else can.

Having grown up in a family of nine children, Tom is a seasoned competitor. In his youth, he could be found in the trenches on the gridiron or any nearby hardwood court. He cheers voraciously for his PC Friars basketball and Ice Hockey teams. He can be spotted regularly at 6 a.m. in his local gym or every now and then, behind the drums jammin' to Blues, Classic rock, or Motown favs.

Tom is all about knowing your customers and what moves them, discovering the truth of your brand, and then building a program that elevates your product with impact and consistency and stimulates people to action.

Tom's agency, an award-winning, strategic brand development and advertising firm, has created brands and managed multi-media marketing programs for banks, hospitals, law firms, sports teams, office systems, real estate, schools, insurance companies, accounting, healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, eyewear, building products, and even a brew pub.

Tom's work has been recognized with numerous awards, including: Obie, Telly, CLIO, Philly Ad Club, NJ Ad Club, and more.

Work with Tom, and you will hear, "What if?"," Have you ever?", "What about?" and "Why not?" As a recognized expert in branding, Tom's recently published books entitled: "The Position Player" and "The Stuff That Sticks. The personal brand you already know." can be found on He is known to be a stickler for details and can convince you why color and typography choices mean everything. And consistency is the rule.

Hear Tom speak on the DNA of your Brand. Come to know your culture, purpose, and personality.

Passion: The relentless pursuit of excellence.
Little known fact: I believe in angels.
Best words of advice: “Let it go. Smile.”

  • Member of Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member, Central New Jersey Network Television
  • Graduate of Heroic Public Speaking
  • Named Platinum Father of the Year 2023 recognized by The Father Center of NJ & US House of Representatives
  • CEO Business Elite 2020: USA Most Outstanding Expert in Design and Marketing