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Know your purpose. Find your happy.

My 3 yr old grandson is at that stage where he asks “why” to everything. He is seeking clarity and understanding. And like him, right now, more and more people are asking “why”?

The global Pandemic has contributed greatly to CHANGE —in the workplace and workforce. More and more people are tired of working meaningless, boring jobs—jobs that don’t match their passions. And they’re seeking greater control.

Instead, they’re changing the paradigm (or at least trying to) moving from surviving to thriving, from working for just a paycheck to working for a PURPOSE AND a paycheck. It’s a new game, where authentic strengths, values, and passions are contributed daily to a worthy cause, and you end your day exhausted, yet happy and satisfied.

How ‘bout that?  Working for a purpose you can believe in.  One that motivates you (personally) each and every day?  It’s about knowing YOUR purpose and aligning that to a Purpose-Driven Job for a Purpose-Driven Company.

In such a company, you feel good about contributing your time, effort, and skills to a worthy cause, and you’re proud to tell your family and friends what you do. Plus, these companies typically have the best work environments and benefits, with a focus on fun and growth in the workplace.

To find that “Purposeful” job, it helps first to understand YOUR purpose. That’s job 1 !!!  Do you know your purpose?  Take time to really consider that.  It will be time well-spent.  Then state it clearly….in writing!  My mother used to tell me, “write it on your forehead.”  Well, not literally of course.  I have found, once you commit it to writing, it becomes your compass.

And why is that important? Once you know your unique purpose, your “happy” lies just ahead.

In my case, I realized that more than being an artist, a writer, a speaker, a musician or entrepreneur, MY PURPOSE was to use my God-given imagination & creative skills to change the way people think, feel and act.  That’s my purpose. My compass!

You know, YOUR PURPOSE is right there…underneath all that stuff you let get in the way. You just need to clear the decks….and reconnect with the authentic YOU.

Here are a few tips for getting a purpose-driven job:

1. Match Your Mission….First, figure out what matters most to you, and what kind of contribution you want to make – and then match that up with a company that values the same thing.

2.  Know Where To Look….The internet is your friend. Search for purpose-driven companies.

3. Stand Out .  Once you find the best organization(s) for you, demonstrate that you care about the same things in a unique and creative way.  Don’t “fake it til you make it.”  Be real!  

And… if you need a little help, perhaps WE can work together. On purpose!

Tom McManimon, President

StimulusBrand Communications