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What a Lesson in Phonics Can Do for Creativity

I am always surprised at how many people have trouble pronouncing my name. McManimon. You would think it was full of consonants. It’s simple really, if you took phonics in grade school.

Today, we are so geared to experience the world around us in flashes. Nano-seconds really. In the communications business, we challenge ourselves to make people see things in fresh and unexpected ways. Maybe what we’re really trying to do is make people slow down.

When you take a breath and slow down-just briefly-you might be surprised at all the great things you will see, hear and experience. olimp bukmeker I find that my greatest means to creative inspiration.

As communicators, it is our duty to execute work that grabs attention. More importantly, it’s our responsibility to deliver messaging with integrity-in a positive, meaningful fashion. legjobb nyerőgépes kaszinó Otherwise, I fear, our existence will continue to grow into entertainment chaos and lack substance.

As an exercise, pause a little bit more today. szerencsejáték zrt sportfogadás See if it doesn’t open your eyes to new things. Listen a bit longer. Hear what it does for your well-being. There is richness in the details when you slow down to experience it.

Tom McManimon (mic-man-e-mun)
Principal, Stimulus Brand Communications, LLC.

Stimulate your brand. Succeed.