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What’s Your Story?

Next time you’re networking, remember this: you have but a brief moment-sometimes seconds-to tell your story. It is in how you tell your stories and how you direct them that make them memorable…or not.

Storytelling is an indication of ones emotional intelligence – perhaps even more than their rational intelligence. It is our opportunity to project our passion or passions. Our opportunity to take people to a new place -that is as visceral & visual, emotional and unexpected as we choose to make it.

When you connect others to your passion…through things like the highs and lows of voice, your vocabulary, posture, humor or a smile, and even your dress…you become more memorable and effective. This reveals your humanity.

Still, knowing your audience is everything. This helps make your “story” relevant! And so, we rub elbows time and again to learn the latest and greatest.

In the advertising business, it’s been said: Features Instruct, Benefits Sell. When meeting with others, LISTEN first!, When you speak, don’t speak so much of WHAT you do…as much as how you BENEFIT others. Get to know them…what their needs are…what moves them…you will be able to respond in terms that are meaningful to them. Speak more in terms of what you can do for them…(or site cases “stories” where you have helped others)

Do this and you will have more stories to tell in the future.

I leave you with…is your storytelling leading to best sellers?

Tom McManimon (mic-man-e-mun)
Principal, Stimulus Brand Communications, LLC.

Stimulate your brand. Succeed.