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Prudential Mortgage Capital Company

Prudential Mortgage Capital Company

Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a leading provider of commercial and multifamily mortgages in the US, offering a range of capital sources, financing options, and loan servicing capabilities to Commercial, Multifamily, and Agriculture markets.

StimulusBrand rejuvenated all marketing and sales materials, re-connecting prospects to the style and brand spirit of “The Rock.” We conducted a marketing audit with management and sales teams nationwide. We developed multiple collateral programs, direct mail, displays, PowerPoint modules, signage, event promotions, and templated materials for ease of use.

We introduced an all-new brand campaign reflecting Prudential’s new “Bring your challenge” corporate direction. We introduced a tagline that positions them to their unique strength, stating: “We Get It. Done.” We then built a fully integrated campaign, including a new website, corporate brochures and sell sheets, interactive emails, biography profiles, market data sheets, and more

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